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  Solar Torch
  • Model:CNSDPV-STD-002
  • Power:0.6W
  • Type:LED
  • Certificate:CE
Solar panels: 6V / 0.6W monocrystalline silicon solar panels
Battery: 1.2V / 0.8Ah Ni-Mh battery, 2 pcs
Bulbs: 3.3V / 0.5W / 6LED bulbs, life ? 50000h
Working time: 8 hours at full charged
Charging time: 6-8 hours at sunshine
Length: 200 mm
Surface material: thermoset harding plastic
Warranty: 1 year
Features: surface light source, high brightness, high reliability, especially for power
shortage area
Notes: you can charge this product by putting it under the sun directly (one side of the solar panel towards the sun) .Make sure the switch button is offa higher state. When you are charging, the time should last for 6-8 hours. When the night is coming, you can use it only if you press the button.
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