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  Solar Camping Lantern
  • Model:CNSDPV-STD-001
  • Power:2.2W
  • Type:LED
  • Certificate:CE
Solar panels: 6V / 2.2W monocrystalline solar panel, 2 pcs
Battery: 1.2V / 1.8Ah lithium battery, 5pcs, 5 years lifetime
Light source: 2W super-bright white LED lights, ajustable brightness from 0~100%, 100,000 hours lifetime
Kinds of charging: open the cover of the products ,and put it under the sunlight in 12-15 hours; or use 110/220V AC in 3-4 hours (dont exceed 6 hours)
Working time: 6-8 hours at 100% brightness
Surface material: thermoset harding plastic
Subsidiary functions: compass, 110/220V AC charger, mobile phone charger
Warranty: 1 year
Copyright@2010 Zhongjing Solar Energy All rights reserved.
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